🌈 Tomiji or Tomi! 🌈
🌈 Male - He/him 🌈
🌈 October 11th - Libra 🌈
🌈 21 yrs old 🌈
🌈 Gay? (questioning??) 🌈
🌈 Autistic 🌈
🌈 Single :') 🌈

Hi!! I'm Tomi and uhh.. Idk what to put here lolol
Umm I really like video games and making music!
My fave games are Pokemon and Subnautica!!
My music inspirations would be Shawn Wasabi and Hyper Potions! 😍
Special interests include dinosaurs and anything to do with angels!
Especially dinosaur angels... God if only they existed. 😔

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tomijibb 🌈#6127

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